How to update Dell R320 BIOS and iDRAC

This Dell R320 was previously a domain controller at a small branch office. When that office closed, we decided to repurpose it as an Ubuntu server to run tape backups. When I get a piece of hardware like this the first thing I do is wipe the settings clean and do administrative updates. Here are the steps I followed:

Firmware Update

  1. Visit Dell site and search for the hardware. The R320 is info is here.
  2. Find the .efi style of firmware and download it
  3. Format USB drive and copy the firmware over
  4. Plug the USB drive into the server
  5. Boot server
    1. Select F11 to enter the BIOS Boot Manager
    2. Boot Manager Main Menu
      1. System Utilities
        1. BIOS Update File Explorer
          1. my_disk[Disk connected to front USB 1]
            1. R320-xxxxxxy.efi
  6. Update kicks off, presents centered blue info box.

iDRAC Update

  1. Set iDRAC to DHCP (temporary, optional step)
  2. Download iDRAC firmware update from Dell
  3. Log into iDRAC web console
  4. Navigate to Overview > iDRAC Settings > Update and Rollback
  5. Upload the iDRAC-with-Lifecycle-Controller_Firmware_2GFC7_WN64_2.xx.xx.xx_yxx.EXE
  6. Select the check box and hit install now
  7. Once finished assign static iDRAC address (optional)
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