DSTIKE Pocket ESP8266 Deauther

I absolutely love custom hardware projects. I don't remember how I stumbled across spacehuhn's esp8266 deauther project but I knew I had to try it. I ordered some cheap ESP8266 boards from AliExpress and then waited for them to arrive. It was fun flashing the firmware, getting the Arduino libraries set right, and getting the hello world sketch to run.

Once I knew how it worked and that I could make my own, I looked around for a premade kit with an OLED screen. DSTIKE's was endorsed by spacehuhn, so I bought one from Tindie and a set of batteries from AliExpress.

I'm running an older version of the hardware and firmware that has this menu style:

-> WiFi ON
-> START deauth
-> START beacon flood

The deauth attack works as advertised but I enjoy the beacon flood mode the most.

Starting the beacon flood is simple. Selecting SCAN scans for 2.4GHz networks and presents the list back to you below the menu. Toggling down to a SSID name and pressing select adds a | next to the SSID, indicating it's ready to be attacked. Then hit -> START beacon flood and the on-board LED lights up and the flood runs until you stop it or run out of battery.

What's so great about these is they can run a while off a decent sized battery and are small enough to be placed almost anywhere (under a desk, in the ceiling, in a retail store, etc).

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