DVD Ripping with Handbrake on macOS

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Thankfully, optical drives are a thing of the past. Old mediums have a tendency to make a comeback but hopefully CD/DVD's go the way of zip disks, laser disks, and floppies. Never to be seen or heard from again.

Long story short: I have a DVD, I want to make a digital copy and watch it on my computer. I dust off my trusty optical drive, plug it in, insert the disk, and crack open Handbrake. It scans the disk and only finds the previews because of the copyright protection. I release a belabored heavy sigh and look for the tool to bypass this. VideoLAN has released a tool called libdvdcss and it's just what we want.

Step 1: Install libdvdcss . I'm going to use brew , a 3rd party package manager for macOS. Open terminal and paste brew install libdvdcss. Let it do it's thing.

Step 2: Close and reopen Handbrake. Find the actual full length video available to rip.

That's it. 👍

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